Start a podcast on LISTEN

You can upload audio files directly to LISTEN and start a podcast.

This page explains how to do that.

  1.  Click on the icon in the upper right corner of the top page screen,
  2. Select "Dashboard".

Enter and select the title, author (name), e-mail address (publicly available), summary, URL name, image, and category.

Click the "Submit" button when you have completed the entry.

Adding a new episode

Once you have created a podcast channel, it will appear in the "Dashboard".

To add a new episode, select the name of the podcast.

Enter the audio file, image, title, summary, and publication date and time.

(The image and publication date and time are optional. You can publish without entering them.)

There are three publication settings

(1) Save as Draft
You can save the content you have entered as a draft without publishing it.

 (2) Schedule
You can set a publish date and time and save it.
The episode will be automatically published at the specified publication date and time.

(3) Publish Now
The entered information will be published immediately.

This page explains how to register a podcast started with LISTEN to external services (Spotify, Apple Podcast, etc.).