LISTEN is a podcast-oriented service equipped with AI transcription and community features.

Due to the nature of podcasts as audio content, they can convey fine nuances and emotions more easily than text. They require a certain amount of time to listen to, thus, creating a platform for deep engagement with passionate listeners.

On the other hand, challenges exist, such as not knowing the content of a show without listening to it, and requiring a certain amount of time to listen, making it difficult to attract new listeners and for listeners to accurately find programs of interest.

LISTEN enhances podcasts through various features, including AI transcription, making the allure of podcasts even more compelling for not only podcasters who distribute programs, but also for listeners.

Features of LISTEN

Automated Transcription by AI

We utilize the latest AI to automatically transcribe the audio of registered podcasts into text. You can also use features like automatic chaptering based on content, speaker separation to identify multiple speakers, and summary generation to provide an overall synopsis. If the transcribed text is incorrect, you can manually correct it.

*Transcription and speaker separation are available for all episodes, while chaptering and summary generation are available for the latest episodes only.

Share Feature for Any Section

The transcribed text can be played from any point and you can share any section with text as a permalink on social media. You can share your favorite parts of a program and listen to the program from that point.

Search Feature

You can search the content of transcribed podcasts by text. The search can target all programs registered with LISTEN or specific podcast programs only.

Player Feature

LISTEN has a player feature to play registered podcasts. Playlist functionality for continuous play of multiple programs, speed control, and the ability to listen to podcasts not registered on LISTEN by registering the URL.

The LISTEN website is PWA compatible and you can bookmark the site on your smartphone or tablet's home screen to enjoy it like a smartphone app.

User Features

By registering as a user, you can follow your favorite programs and leave comments. When you register a program, you will receive notifications when new episodes are released, so you won't miss updates to your favorite programs.

Podcasters can register guests other than themselves as performers on their own programs. Programs where you appeared as a guest are listed per user, so you can list them in your performance list.

Star Feature

You can give stars to episodes and comments of podcasts. You can give as many stars as you want to one episode or comment, facilitating interaction between podcasters and listeners.

Privacy Feature

Podcasts have a personal authentication feature to prevent third parties from registering without permission, so your podcast will not be transcribed by a third party. There is also a setting to prevent the text transcribed from being indexed by search engines for podcasters who prefer not to be heard by people other than listeners.


By transcribing podcasts, it becomes possible to first read the podcast in text and then listen to it if you're interested, making it easier to discover new podcasts.

Also, by using features such as comments and stars, you can convey your thoughts to the podcaster, and by being registered as a performer on guest-appearing programs, you can facilitate communication between listeners and podcasters and even listeners of other podcast programs.

As of the official release on June 21, 2023, all features are available for free. We plan to offer paid options in the future, such as priority processing for transcription, limited release of podcasts, and paid distribution of episodes.

We continue to enhance our features so that everyone who interacts with podcasts on a daily basis, such as podcasters who want to develop new listeners and listeners who want to discover new connections, can experience LISTEN.

Please also check out our official podcast, "LISTEN NEWS (Japanese)" for the latest information.

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