Follow・Favorite・Playback History

Follow your favorite podcasts to see what's new, like an episode to your favorites, and view your podcast playback history.


Go to the page of the podcast you want to follow and click "Follow".

When the display changes to "Following," your following is complete.

If you want to unfollow a podcast, click "Following" again.


The podcasts you have followed will appear on the "Top Page".


Following podcasts that are not registered with LISTEN


LISTEN also allows you to follow podcasts that are available on external services (Spotify, Apple Podcasts,, etc.) and are not registered on LISTEN.

Go to the Top Page and click on the + sign next to "Following."


In the "Podcast Title or Feed URL" field, enter the title or RSS feed of the podcast you wish to follow.


By following a podcast channel on LISTEN, you can take advantage of services such as having new episodes appear on the top page, receiving email notifications of new episodes, and more.

Favorite episodes

Open the page of the episode you want to favorite and click on the ☆ symbol under the title or on the right side of the playback screen.


When the ☆ symbol under the title turns yellow, you have successfully added the episode to your favorites.


You can click the ☆ mark as many times as you like, not just once per person.

The number of times you clicked on the star mark will be displayed on the episode as shown below.


Checking your favorite episodes

Click the icon in the upper right corner of the top page,

Select "Favorites".


On the "Favorites" page, you can see all the episodes that you have added to your favorites so far.


Playback History

The playback history can be found on the favorites page.

Click on the icon in the upper right corner of the top page,

Select "Favorites".


Click on "Playback History" .


This page shows not only completed playlists, but also playlists that have been played in the middle of a playlist. (Please note that some videos may not be displayed if they have been replayed for too short a time. Please understand.)