Find new Podcasts

To find podcasts on LISTEN, we recommend using the "Trending", hashtag, and new arrivals sections on the top page, as well as the search function.

Finding podcasts on the top page


The "Trending" section on the LISTEN top page lists the most popular episodes at present.

This is a good place to start if you want to know what kind of podcasts are there, or if you want to listen to the popular podcasts.


Below the "Trending" section, you will find the "#声日記" section.

Due to the popularity of voice diaries on LISTEN, episodes with "#声日記" are now displayed together here.

(If you add "#声日記" to the summary column of an episode, it will not appear in the "Trending". Thank you for your understanding.)

Featured Tags (Hashtags)

Hashtags that are frequently used, added more often, and in greater numbers are listed here.

Click on the hashtag you are interested in to see a list of episodes with that tag.

If you want to listen to a podcast that talks about "〇〇" or find a podcast related to "〇〇," this is a good place to start.

Latest Podcasts

Podcast channels that have released new episodes are listed in order of release date.

Podcast channels are displayed in the order of new episodes published (updated), regardless of the attention level or number of times they have been viewed, so you can find podcasts in a relatively random order.

This is a great way to find podcasts you haven't seen yet, or to discover new podcasts on your own.

Use the search function to find podcasts

On the right side of the LISTEN logo, there is a "Search" field.

Type in any word, and hashtags, users, and podcast channels containing that word will appear as candidates.

You can also type in a word and hit enter to see a list of episodes that contain that word in the summary or transcribed text.

This is recommended for those who want to "listen to podcasts that talk about 〇〇" or "find episodes that mention 〇〇 in conversation," not just hashtags.


In addition to the above functions, you can also use the "Trackback function" to link podcast channels and episodes mentioned in an episode.

(How to find podcasts using the "Trackback function" is explained on this page.)