1. 藤原の進捗
  2. Letter from Malaysia
2024-04-02 17:18

Letter from Malaysia

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Hi, I'm Hiro Fujiwara, and this is April 2nd, 2024.
Today, I received a fan letter from the Editing Department, so I'd like to talk a little bit about it.
This time, there was one person who wrote me a lot of letters, so I'd like to read them briefly and introduce them.
It looks like she's from Malaysia. She lives in Penang, Malaysia. I think she's probably a woman.
She said she borrowed a translator and an AI to help her write, so she probably speaks Chinese.
She translated it online and corrected it to Japanese. There are also handwritten letters that have been printed out.
She wrote four handwritten letters in four envelopes, one, two, three, four.
Like many people, she is also a fan of Maid-sama. She seems to know and follow Maid-sama.
I started watching Maid-sama when I was 11 years old. I was watching it when I didn't know anything about love.
When I first started writing this, I was used to writing kanji because I usually write kanji.
But the Japanese characters look like they're drawing pictures, so I think it's the first time she's written in Japanese.
I think it's really good because it's a character that can be read properly.
It says, What is your full-fledged contact with this community? I don't know if there is a community called Social Circle About Anime Goods in China.
In July of last year, I saw a post about fan feedback gifts and self-introduction.
I sent a reply to the fan letter the day before yesterday.
I put a lot of effort into the reply while I was playing soccer.
It's a paper version of a clear file, not a clear file.
It's an acrylic stand. It's an acrylic key chain.
I'm going to make those kinds of goods and write their names and autographs on the magazine and send them back.
I think there was a Chinese person's address, so I sent it only to Japan.
I couldn't get my hands on it overseas, so I sent it to Japan.
There was also a Chinese person with the address in Japan, so I probably saw it and wanted it.
Because my favorite girl manga has been Maid for many years.
But the reason I wrote that letter was not just to get that kind of gift.
But when I was about to write this letter, it seemed like the reply to the fan letter was over.
I was doing it until I ran out of goods, so I can't send the same goods.
I bought stationery in July of last year, but it's already April of this year in March of 2024.
I think he wrote it in a month.
I think I asked another person to send this letter.
It seems that he sent it to the editorial department from Japan.
I think he introduced me to that person.
Apparently, he taught her how to write letters and how to send them.
That person is Chinese.
But the person who wrote this letter is a Malaysian.
Apparently, there is a fan group through the work of the maid.
I think it's four people.
I think I met them on the Internet.
I think it's one of them.
He also wrote that there is a fan group that is connected to the maid.
I wrote a man who is not thin in the yearbook of 2024.
I was a little excited on the Internet because I thought this was thin.
I prepared a yearbook when the name of Kyoso Silent was solidified.
I wrote it with the feeling of Jack.
But I don't think it's Jack now.
I wrote it with the feeling that it wasn't anyone.
I think the man is thin.
There are a lot of people from overseas following me on Instagram.
It's like, I'm thin, I'm thin.
He said it suddenly became a hot topic in China.
I'm still expected to be as popular as people overseas.
I think it's one of the people who commented that it's not thin because it's new.
I was excited for a while.
After a while, I wrote that it wasn't thin on a blog or something.
Thanks to that post, she said it wasn't thin.
She wrote that we won.
At the same time, we are actively promoting the importance of copyright.
I think that the value of copyright is different from that of Japan.
I believe that the value of copyright will decrease in the future so that more people will know about it.
I don't know if it's a second-hand work or not.
Maybe it's a story that everyone hasn't read yet.
While talking about that, the most common topic is anime goods.
I don't think it's just anime.
It seems to include goods from manga publishers.
It seems that information is exchanged about maid goods.
I bought a lot of them.
This is not a letter.
I bought a lot of things and displayed them in my room.
She put them together in a letter with a photo.
It's amazing.
I don't know how I got it.
It's a letter I wrote when I went to an overseas fan signing event.
Merukari, Yahoo, and Surugaya are collecting a lot of goods.
Last year, I got a lot of goods from Manpuku Gacha and Hakusensha.
They bought a lot of goods.
I bought a showcase for a while and wanted to decorate it.
It's the first time I've spent so much money in my life.
It says a lot about how hard my wallet is.
I learned how to shop from an app in Taiwan.
I don't know what's going on there.
Is it like an auction?
I'm checking if there are any used goods on display every 10 minutes.
I think it's a lot of money.
I want to get a lot of goods around the application.
I've seen it on the Internet, but I don't know how to get it.
In Taiwan, there is a set of manga and bonus cards.
It's been a while since the serialization ended, but it seems that it is sold again overseas.
Of course, I also get bonus cards.
There are also postcards from overseas.
There is also a letter about the character of the maid.
Thank you very much for giving them a perfect ending.
I've been told about the content.
I'd like to share a lot of other details, but I'm really talkative, so I'm worried that I might get tired of it.
I was told that he wrote a letter with great care.
PS. I'm sorry if my comments here are offensive to you.
This letter was written with the help of a translator and an AI.
I have no other intentions.
I just talked about my life, my friends I met, and the goods I love the most.
I received a very grateful letter.
This is an acrylic stand drawn by Misaki and Usui, which I think she made.
She made and sent me an acrylic stand in three sizes.
I'm going to take a picture of this and post it, so please take a look.
She was a great person.
I'd like to leave this voice that I received this letter.
I'm going to talk a little bit.
I'm from Malaysia and still live there.
She gave me a set of postcards with the names, virtues, culture, and history of Malaysia as a gift.
And this is a pop-up card.
It's a three-dimensional decoration.
I think it's a famous temple in Malaysia.
She gave me that kind of thing.
I'm grateful.
This postcard is often written in Japanese, but the setting is that it is translated into English.
When it's written in English, I think it would be nice to be able to understand what she's saying in English.
I thought it would be nice to be able to deliver it in voice, so I would like to thank her for introducing it in voice this time.
That's it.
Thank you for the April 2nd voice diary.
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