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⊿Today's Top News⊿
⊿Nogizaka46's Haruka Kaki and Rei Seimiya Guest on Radio Show
⊿Nogizaka46's Rei Seimiya Shares Thoughts and Aspirations Ahead of Graduation
⊿Aruno Nakanishi of Nogizaka46 Graces Cover of blt graph.vol.103
⊿Nogizaka46 Members Star in McDonald's New Collaborative CM with Coca-Cola
⊿Nao Yumiki of Nogizaka46 Stuns on the Cover of 'BOMB' Magazine August Issue

⊿Top Members Appeared Today⊿

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Nogizaka46's Haruka Kaki and Rei Seimiya Guest on Radio Show⊿Nogizaka46's Haruka Kaki, as the host,
welcomed Rei Seimiya from the 4th generation as a guest on the Tokyo FM radio show School of Lock⊿Nogizaka46
Locks. On July 4, they looked back on their activities together. Kaki praised Seimiya's
smile as sunshine, reflecting on past events like the Nogizaka Starbirth Program. Seimiya
talked about future plans such as a live performance at Nissan Stadium in 2022 and Kaki's
first photo book release. They reminisced about past experiences like performing at the NHK
Kohaku Utagasen and the challenges they faced as a group. Seimiya expressed joy at the prospect
of spending Christmas with family this year, highlighting the special bond they share.
Nogizaka46's Rei Seimiya shares thoughts and aspirations ahead of graduation.
As Nogizaka46's Rei Seimiya, 20, prepares to graduate later this month,
she reflects on her six-year journey and upcoming departure. In a recent interview,
she expressed gratitude to fans and fellow members, highlighting the growth and challenges
she experienced. Seimiya, who joined as a 4th generation member, emphasized the special bond
within the group and the personal development she underwent. Looking ahead, she remains open to new
experiences post-graduation, embracing the possibilities that come with being 20 years old.
Stay tuned for her final performance at the graduation ceremony during the live stream on 15.
Aruno Nakanishi of Nogizaka46 graces cover of BLT Graph.Vol. 103
Idol group Nogizaka46's Aruno Nakanishi is featured in the latest issue of BLT Graph
magazine, set to release on July 9. The cover showcases Nakanishi exuding a powerful aura
and bold outfits, displaying a beautiful collarbone line and a strong gaze.
Nakanishi's stunning photos, radiating an unmatched aura, are also featured inside the magazine.
Here we have the top news regarding Nogizaka46 for today.We'll cover other news towards the end
of the program. Next, here is today's July 10 schedule regarding Nogizaka46.
Next is release information. Movie out Blu-ray and DVD Yuki Yoda will be released.
Next is theater and musical information. A new theater or musical will starts. Musical Romeo
and Juliet Iloho Okuda. For those attending in person or watching via streaming, please enjoy.
Next is TV information. Miku Akinos will appear on TBS television group The Time.
From 5.20 am to 8 am. Next is web information.
Nagi Inoue will appear in 6.15 pm showroom Nojiobe. Next is web information. Haruka
Kuromi and Rika Sato will appear in showroom Nekojita showroom. From 7 pm to 9 pm.
Next is web information. There will be an appearance in showroom Nekojita showroom.
From 7 pm to 9 pm. Next is TV information.
Nao Yumeki will appear on MBS Wednesday How Much? From 10.57 pm to 11 pm.
Next is radio information. Shiori Kubo will appear on Nippon Broadcasting System Nogizaka
46 No All Night Nippon. From 1 am next day to 3 am next day.
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46-36 Shigeru Hasubi Chinen Fortune Music On-Rain Mito and Gurito
Nogizaka 46's 36th single, the Fortune Music Limited Edition, will have an online meet and
greet event for purchasers. Fans can apply for the event on the Fortune Music site.
The event will be on various days starting from September 15 to December 1.
Participants can enjoy one-on-one conversations with members via video calls using the Fortune
Meets app. The event will follow a schedule with different time slots for each part.
It's important to maintain a stable internet connection for smooth participation.
Make sure to check the detailed guidelines for participation in the list of members
attending the event. Remember, the event is for genuine fans, and any misconduct or
resale of participation rights is strictly prohibited. Stay tuned for updates and enjoy
the unique opportunity to interact with your favorite Nogizaka 46 members.
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Monatsu no omoide zukuri hajimete mo iyo ne? Sayakanagawa
Aruno Nakanishi wrote blt, hachigatsu goto blt, underscore graph underscore volume,
hakusan to natsu. Thus concludes our update on the blogs posted yesterday.
Be sure to check them out on the official website.
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Nogizaka 46 members star in McDonald's new collaborative CM with Coca-Cola.
McDonald's Japan has launched a new TV commercial titled Big Mac Let's Smile Tomorrow featuring
the 80s Coca-Cola song I Feel Coke. The ad showcases Nogizaka 46 members Mao Aoki,
Meizan Ariwata, and Runa Nakajima enjoying Big Macs accompanied by the nostalgic tune,
spreading a message of positivity. Viewers praise the refreshing CM for its youthful vibe,
reminiscing about a time when smiles were abundant in Coca-Cola tribute CMs.
Naoyumaki of Nogizaka 46 stuns on the cover of Bomb magazine August issue.
Naoyumaki from Nogizaka 46 graces the regular cover of the August issue of Bomb magazine,
showcasing her beautiful skin in a white one-piece dress.
With her first photo book Was She an Angel? set to release on the 23rd, Naoyumaki presents various
looks from a white one-piece with a floral crown to a sleeveless knit outfit paired with denim
pants, and a tank top with shorts for loungewear. The main feature of the issue is a fluffy gravure
that highlights her charms, along with previews of the photo book shots and a detailed interview
revealing behind-the-scenes stories from the photo shoot. The back cover features Mito Shirahama,
winner of the Beautiful Girl Encyclopedia Awards 2023, while the store-exclusive front
cover showcases AKB48's Kurumi Suzuki. The inside pages include Hinata Yagi, Mihono Fukudome,
Sumipon, Sumire Takakura, Azusa Ohara, Yuri Uesaka, Ririka Komiyama, Rina Miura, Kan Kidor,
Ayane Kinoshita, Ririka Tanabe, Kohaku Shida, and Miki Inagi.
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Here we have the top news regarding Nogizaka 46 for today.
Next, here is tomorrow's July 11 schedule regarding Nogizaka 46.
Next is Radio Information. Haruka Akaki will appear on Tokyo FM School of Lock. Artist Locks.
Nogizaka Locks. From 10pm to 11.55pm.
Next is TV Information. There will be an appearance on
TV Tokyo Group Mokudra 24 Ryusengata Riko Saigo no Plamo Gyoshi no Jinsei Kumitate Kiyuki Yoda.
From 12.30am next day to 1am next day.
Next is Radio Information.
Hazuki Mukai will appear on
BAEF Nogizaka 46 Hazuki Mukai no Mukai Ukoko de Machiawase.
From 12.30am next day to 12.54am next day.
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Haruka Akaki, born on August 8, 2001, in Osaka Prefecture, Japan and hailing from Tachigi
Prefecture, is a talented idol who shines brightly as a member of the popular girl
group Nogizaka 46. Standing at a height of 166cm and with Taipei blood, Haruka Akaki has
charmed fans with her unique aura and dedication since her debut in the entertainment industry.
Her journey began in 2018, when she felt a strong desire for a change in her everyday life.
This led her to audition for the Sakumichi Joint Audition on August 19 of the same year,
a decision that marked the start of an exciting chapter as she successfully joined Nogizaka 46 in
November and got unveiled as a fourth-generation member in December during a showcase at Nippon
Budokan. Haruka Akaki's career took a significant leap forward in 2019 when she got selected for the
first time to be in the forefront row of the 24th single Yoakumetsu Yogurnakutami. Then, in 2020,
she captivated the audience by taking the center position in the fourth-generation song I See
from Nogizaka 46's 25th single Shiawase no Hagasyoku. Following that, in April 2021,
she became a Thursday regular on the artist LOCK's segment within the radio program School of Lock.
This same year, she honored the group by being the center for the title track of their 28th single
Kimi ni Shikarereta, making her the 13th member to achieve this role within Nogizaka 46.
2022 saw the release of Haruka Akaki's first solo photobook Misara on June 7,
marking a memorable milestone as the first photobook from a fourth-generation member.
When it was released, it achieved a remarkable initial print run of 160,000 copies,
setting a new record for the publisher. Later that year, she returned as the center for the
single Tsuki de Iwa Rock Days, proving her consistent growth and popularity among fans.
Aside from her idol activities, Haruka Akaki has also showcased her acting skills in television
dramas like Yenma Dusara's Mystery Tales and first as Rock Paper Scissors, participated in variety
shows, and even performed the first pitch at a baseball game between the Tokyo Yakult Swallows
and the Hiroshima Toyo Carp in 2023. Furthermore, her talents extend to drawing, a hobby she
passionately pursues, occasionally sharing her illustrations on her blog and various media
platforms. She once revealed that if she hadn't made it as an idol, she would have pursued a
career in art. Widely admired by fans for her diverse talents, kindness, and dedication,
Haruka Akaki continues to inspire with her performances in Nogizaka 46. Whether it's through
her singing, acting, or art, there's no limit to what this exceptional idol can achieve.
And now, a final announcement. Nogizaka 46 is currently holding auditions for the 6th
Generation Summer Candidates. You can easily participate from anywhere by submitting your
profile and photos. The application deadline is 5 p.m. on July 29, 2024. For more details,
please visit the official Nogizaka 46 website, X, or Instagram. A single step can change the world.
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