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⊿Today's Top News⊿
⊿Mizuki Yamashita Holds Graduation Concert at Tokyo Dome
⊿Nogizaka46's Haruka Kaki Shares Excitement about Starting Basketball Team
⊿Nogizaka46 Tamami Sakaguchi 1st Photo Book 'Blue Rose' to Release on June 25th
⊿Mai Shiraishi Shares Stunning Photo with Wisteria Flowers on Instagram
⊿Former Nogizaka46 Member Yumi Wakatsuki Shines at Fashion Event

⊿Top Members Appeared Today⊿

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Mizuki Yamashita Holds Graduation Concert at Tokyo Dome⊿Nogizaka46's Mizuki Yamashita,
who joined as a third-generation member and led the group as center for several singles,
held her graduation concert at Tokyo Dome on May 11 and 12. The stage was packed with fans
eager to celebrate her idol career spanning over seven years. Yamashita,
who initially auditioned in 2016, captured the hearts of fans with her performances and
brightened up the venue with her presence. Reflecting on her journey, Yamashita expressed
her admiration for idols like AKB48 and Hello! Project, which motivated her to pursue her dreams.
Despite her shy nature, idol culture became her passion and the driving force in her life,
leading her to a successful career in Nogizaka46.
Nogizaka46's Haruka Kaki Shares Excitement About Starting Basketball Team
During the broadcast of the radio show School of Lock! Nogizaka Locks! on Tokyo FM,
hosted by Haruka Kaki of Nogizaka46, messages from listeners were discussed.
In a video on Nogizaka46's official YouTube channel Nogizaka Broadcasting,
the Nogizaka basketball team was highlighted. Haruka Kaki expressed happiness about starting
the basketball team and shared her past experiences with basketball as a junior high
school student. She mentioned her excitement about playing a sport she loves, even though
her shooting skills have declined over the years. Kaki also revealed her admiration for a
strong girl in black sneakers during a school match, expressing her desire to get black
sneakers if a sequel to the basketball video is made. Nogizaka46 Tomomi Sakaguchi First
Photobook Blue Rose To Release On June 25 Nogizaka46 member Tomomi Sakaguchi's first
photobook, titled Blue Rose, is set to be released on June 25. The photobook, featuring four different
covers including a limited edition version, was shot in Hong Kong and Macau, showcasing various
sides of Sakaguchi. The title Blue Rose represents miracles happen, a phrase she is fond of.
Sakaguchi, who dreamed of releasing a photobook since joining Nogizaka46 at 14 years old,
expressed her joy at the dream coming true. The covers include a rooftop shot by the sea,
a limited edition cover in pajamas, a poolside cover from Macau, and a beach shot for a bookstore
exclusive cover. The regular edition is priced at 2,500 yen and comes with a special postcard as a
bonus. Here we have the top news regarding Nogizaka46 for today.We'll cover other news
towards the end of the program. Next, here is today's May 16 schedule regarding Nogizaka46.
Next is web information. Sakura Kawasaki will appear in 7 p.m. showroom Nojiobe.
Next is radio information. Shiori Kubo, Hazuki Mukai will appear on cultural broadcasting manager
vs. Nogizaka baseball club exchange game. From 7 p.m. to 8 p.m.
Next is radio information. Haruka Akaki will appear on Tokyo FM school of lock
artist locks Nogizaka locks. From 10 p.m. to 11 55 p.m.
Next is radio information. Hazuki Mukai will appear on base Nogizaka46.
Next is TV information. There will be an appearance on TV Asahi group What's So
Wrong With the Zetoi? Rika Sato. From 12 51 a.m. next day to 1 26 a.m. next day.
That wraps up our report on the group and individual endeavors of Nogizaka46.
Stay tuned for more updates in the future. Next up, we have some announcements from Nogizaka46.
46 35th Shinguru Chansuwa Byodo Hatsubai Chinanomura Mito and Gurito Kobetsu Tokukai 13-15
Nogizaka46 fans, get ready for some exclusive opportunities with their 35th Shinguru Chansuwa
Byodo. The group will be hosting online meet and greet sessions with individual talk time,
and applications for the 13th to 15th rounds are now open. Head over to Fortune Music's website
for all the details and don't miss out on your chance to participate. The application schedules
are as follows. The 13th round runs from May 16 2024 2 p.m. to May 17 2024 2 p.m. with results
announced starting from 6 p.m. on the 17th. Remember, you can apply for up to 15 types of
tickets with a maximum of 10 tickets per type per person totaling up to 150 tickets. Each person can
apply up to 10 times. The 14th round applications will be accepted from May 23 2024 2 p.m. to May 24
2024 2 p.m. with results announced starting from 6 p.m. on the 24th. Similar rules apply.
And for the final round, the 15th round applications will be open from May 30 2024
2 p.m. to May 31 2024 2 p.m. with results announced starting from 6 p.m. on the 31st.
Remember, it's first come first serve for the event on June 2nd. Stay tuned for more event dates
and the shipping schedule once payment is confirmed. Check out Fortune Music's website now
for all the information on how to apply for Nogizaka 46's exclusive online meet and greet
sessions. Nogizaka 46's Sakaguchi Tamami's first photo book cover revealed. Title decided to be
Aoibara. Nogizaka 46's Sakaguchi Tamami is set to release her first photo book titled Aoibara
Blue Roses on June 25th with four different covers revealed. Tamami, who always dreamt of this,
chose the title symbolizing miracles happening. The regular cover shows her on a seaside villa
rooftop, while the limited editions capture her in different settings like lying in bed
by the pool in Macau and on the beach at sunrise. The photo book, priced at 2,273 yen,
features photos from Hong Kong and Macau. Shop by Takeo December fans can pre-order or get special
bonuses from Amazon, Seven Net, Rakuten Books, and Kinokuniya. Get ready to witness Tamami's
charm in Blue Roses this June. That concludes the announcements from Nogizaka 46.
Please be aware that this segment utilizes AI in part. While titles are as announced,
content may contain inaccuracies. Next up, we will bring you the blog information that the
members posted yesterday. Four members posted blogs yesterday.
Mao Aoki wrote for Ruta no Nakanyi Mao Aoki hashichi no nichi.
Sakura Kawasaki wrote Watashi no Chibou Sakura Kawasaki.
Rika Sada wrote Kokoro no Kushiyo, Hatsuko Idoa.
Miku Akinos wrote Shiawase no Omajinai wa Miku Akinos.
Thus concludes our update on the blogs posted yesterday.
Be sure to check them out on the official website.
Moving on to our next segment, we'll bring you other news stories.
Mishiro Ishii shares stunning photo with Wisteria flowers on Instagram.
Former Nogizaka 46 member and actress Mishiro Ishii, 31, took to her Instagram on the 15th
to share a new post. In the photo, she is seen standing under blooming Wisteria flowers wearing
a mask with the caption in my free time hashtag flower park. Fans praised the photo, commenting
such a great collaboration. So picture ask, why do flowers suit you so much? My is more beautiful
than the flowers. The contrast between my and the Wisteria is amazing. This photo is the best and
most powerful. Former Nogizaka 46 member Yumi Wakatsuki shines at fashion event. Former Nogizaka
46 member Yumi Wakatsuki, now a beauty exclusive model for women's fashion magazine OG, dazzled at
the Rokuten Girls Award 2024 spring slash summer event in Tokyo. Showing off her décolletage,
toned waist and beautiful legs, she confidently strutted down the runway in a sophisticated
attire. At 29, Wakatsuki exuded elegance and style, captivating the audience with her alluring
presence. Sporting an off-shoulder balloon-sleeved top and a sleek skirt, she showcased a well-defined
silhouette while accentuating her beautiful back and cool demeanor with silver-toned earrings.
Fans were treated to a visual delight as Wakatsuki flaunted her mature and chic fashion sense on
stage. Here we have the top news regarding Nogizaka 46 for today. Next, here is tomorrow's
May 17th schedule regarding Nogizaka 46. Next is theater and musical information.
A new theater or musical will start. Musical Romeo and Juliet Aroha Okuda.
For those attending in person or watching via streaming, please enjoy.
Next is TV information. Satsuki Sugawara will appear on TBS television group Lovett
from 8 am to 9.55 am. Next is radio information. Yuna Shibata will appear on NHK FM Chiba
Broadcasting Station, Hanarari Chiba. From 11 am to 0 pm. Next is radio information.
Sayaka Kanagawa will appear on Air GFM Hokkaido Amerio, Nogizaka 46 Sayaka Kanagawa No Amareko.
From 6 pm to 10 pm. Next is radio information. Teresa Ikeda will appear on J-Wave Innovation
World, Front Row Students. From 8 pm to 10 pm. Next is radio information. Reisai Miya,
Miyu Matsuo will appear on Tokyo FM Belk Presence Nogizaka 46 No Nogizaka ni Sudanda.
From 8.30 pm to 8.55 pm. Next is radio information. Nao Yumeki will appear on FM Fujii Chimoku no
Kinyubi. From 9 pm to 11 pm. Next is TV information. Ayano Christy Yoshida, Nao Yumeki,
and Runa Hayashi narration. Rika Sato will appear on BSTV Tokyo Tokyo PC Club.
From 12 am next day to 12.30 am next day. Next is TV information. Hina Okamoto comment
appearance will appear on Nipp Zero NTV Yoru. Baguette have a good time with Baguette.
From 1.59 am next day to 2.44 am next day. That wraps up our report on the group and
individual endeavors of Nogizaka 46. Stay tuned for more updates in the future.
Next up is the Nojipedia corner. In this segment, we will introduce one theme related to Nogizaka
every day. The content includes many inaccuracies since it is generated by AI.
Please enjoy it as an entertainment. Today, we dive into the vibrant world of Sakura Endo,
a standout talent of Nogizaka 46, and explore the journey that has made her a beloved figure
in the entertainment sphere. Born on October 3, 2001, in Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture,
Sakura has risen through the ranks to become not only a key member of idol group Nogizaka 46 but
also a fashion icon as an exclusive model for the magazine Nono. Hailing from a humble beginning,
Sakura's passion for music was ignited in her middle school days, where she not only excelled
in the wind orchestra, securing a gold award at the prefectural contest but also discovered the
music of Nogizaka 46, which would later play a pivotal role in her career. Despite describing
herself as shy and reserved during her high school years, Sakura was deeply influenced by
Nogizaka 46's hit Influencer, leading her to pursue a dream that would soon change her life.
In 2018, Sakura's relentless drive saw her successfully pass the rigorous audition
process for Nogizaka 46, a testament to her determination to transform her introspective
nature. Her debut to the spotlight came at the end of the same year, marking the beginning of
an illustrious career that would see her become the central figure of multiple singles including
Yoakumetsu Yogurnakutami and Gomen'e Fingers Crossed. Beyond music, Sakura's grace and poise
have made her a sought-after model, debuting as an exclusive model for Nono Magazine in 2020,
where she has since featured prominently, including achieving her first solo cover
in October 2022. Her talents have stretched to the acting arena as well, with appearances in
TV dramas such as Moshimo, Ikkomen Deku no Koko ga Adora and Ranman, solidifying her versatility
as an artist. Sakura Endo's hobbies and interests paint a picture of a multi-faceted individual with
a love for Japanese sweets, movies like The Cat Returns, and a penchant for reading novels by
authors such as Kanae Minato. Her musical tastes are eclectic, ranging from J-pop sensations like
Little Glee Monster to classic acts including Southern All-Stars, showcasing her wide
appreciation for the arts. In the world of Nogizaka 46, Sakura shines brightly, admired for
her skill with the clarinet, her unique nickname Saku-chan, and her friendly relations with fellow
idols across the Sakimichi groups. As an idol, model, and actress, Sakura Endo's journey is a
beacon of aspirational success, embodying the spirit of evolution and boundless possibility.
Lastly, we have an announcement. The 35th single Chansuwa Byodo has been released at April
10th. This is the final single for Mizuki Yamashita. Don't forget to get yours. For more
details, please check the official website. The world changes with just a step. We look forward
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