2024-06-12 01:06

Collision with a car.

Breaking news "Gunma Prefecture".
By "Isesaki FM" AI.

A high school girl died in a collision with a car while cycling to school in Maebashi City.

Around AM on the 11th, a 16-year-old second-year high school student riding a bicycle collided with a wagon driven by part-time worker Hidaka Chiaki, 37, on a city road in Godai-cho, Maebashi City.
The high school student suffered severe injuries to her chest and other parts of her body in the accident and was taken to hospital, where she was confirmed dead.
According to the police, the accident occurred on a single-lane road heading south on a downhill slope that curved to the right,
and it is believed that the collision occurred between the high school student riding down the right side of the road and Hidaka's car, which was climbing up the slope.