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2024-07-10 01:04

An elementary school teacher was arrested.

Breaking news "Gunma Prefecture".
By "Isesaki FM" AI.

Male elementary school teacher arrested for voyeurism.

On the 9th, Ota Police Station arrested a 37-year-old male elementary school teacher on suspicion of violating the Act on Punishment of Sexual Image Photography.

According to the police, at around 5pm on June 1st, he was accused of taking pictures of the inside of the shorts of a teenage girl living in the Higashimo area with a smartphone equipped with a camera in the waiting room of a medical institution.
A resident reported the incident on June 13th, and officers from Ota Police Station found the man on the 17th and questioned him,
and when they checked his smartphone they found images of a female student on her way to school and a woman taken on June 1st.